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Algo Market Research - Investment Adviser is a leading financial services provider with presence in Indian and other global capital markets. With its full fledged research operations, Algo Research - Investment Adviser has proven itself as company that produces and delivers high accuracy tips and recommendations for..Read More

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LiveTips Algo Feature
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LT Algo Awesome Features


Easy to Understand

This Software generates trading calls instead of showing signals; by generate exact buy/sell level with achievable targets and a proper stop loss which makes it easy to understand and execute by the traders.

Highly Effective

Our software uses various trading strategies, machine learning, mathematical models and technical indicators that detect and exploit market movements.


Time is the very important factor for an intraday trader. Thus, by keeping this in mind we apply parallel and GPU Computing for time efficient back testing and parameter identification which makes our ALGO Software to performed much faster in efficient way so the users can get much time to trade on the generated calls.

Provide Exact Targets and Stop loss

Calculating profit & loss and conducting risk analysis makes our ALGO Software to generate the buy/sell levels by providing the exact targets and stop loss where users should square off their positions.

ALGO Advice you can Invest In.

We know the market pulse, let us analyse it for you.

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Algo Market Research is your Mintvisory, we can say this because 'research' is the soul which works behind our success and our client's success too. Our main focus is on consistently developing and delivering high quality and high precision financial products and services to our customers which leads to create various opportunities of earnings for our clients. This is possible with quality research and grip on the factors responsible for the movements of the market. Our customers finds the best researches provided by the team of experts in the company. This is a great reason behind high conversion and retention rate of our clients.



  Daily 1-2 Calls will be generated
  Minimum required capital Rs. 1-1,50,000 (online traders)
  Expected Returns 1,00,000- 1,30,000 per month


  Daily 3-4 Calls will be generated
  Minimum required capital Rs. Rs. 80-1,00,000 (online traders)
  Expected Returns 70,000- 1,00,000 per month


  Daily 1-2Calls will be generated
  Minimum required capital Rs. Rs. 40-50,000 (online traders)
  Expected Returns 30,000- 50,000 per month


  Daily 5-6 Calls will be generated
  Minimum required capital Rs. 2-2,50,000 (online traders)
  Expected Returns 2,00,000-2,50,000 per month

About Us

LiveTips Algo Research is a fastest growing company in providing various services for small, medium and high net worth clients, Traders , investors and technical analysts and we have been choose by many independent researchers and people related to the market. We provides Lots of products to help all kind of Traders or brokers in Indian Markets like Equity (NSE, F & O), Commodity, (MCX, NCDEX)

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Multi Capability Of Algo Research

Equities         -    For stocks listed on BSE and NSE
Derivatives   -    BSE, NSE and Nifty Futures and Options
Commodity   -    MCX, NCDEX and COMEX
Forex              -    Domestic and International Currencies

LT Algo Services is headquartered in Gwalior and has client service representatives in all India. With a 250+ team of energetic and professional individuals, Algo is a great place to work, produces quality services and reports and cares about its staff, customers, vendors and environment alike.



LT Algorithmic trading uses algorithms to drive trading decisions, usually in electronic financial markets. Applied in buy-side and sell-side institutions, algorithmic trading forms the basis of high-frequency trading, FOREX trading, and associated risk and execution analytics.

What makes LiveTips ALGO Trading Service Unique?

LiveTips has improvised the Algo trading and took it one step ahead from other normal Algo trading software/systems. Our LT ALGO Trading Software provides the exact level for buy/sell with proper stop loss instead of just showing the signals of it. These levels will generate automatically during the market hour and traders have just to trade according to the generated levels by themselves to earn promising profit.

What does LT ALGO TRADING SOFTWARE actually do?

Advantages of using LT Algo Software are well known. Some of them are mentioned below: Capture short lived trading opportunities Automate calls generation Generate the buy/sell levels with targets and stop loss. Reduce trading risks (limit losses, eliminate overtrading etc.) Eliminate possibility of human error Provide much time to users to trade on the generated calls Execute complex strategies.

Why one should use LT ALGO Software?

Advantages of using LT Algo Software are well known. Some of them are mentioned below:
 Capture short lived trading opportunities
 Automate calls generation
 Generate the buy/sell levels with targets and stop loss.
 Reduce trading risks (limit losses, eliminate overtrading etc.)
 Eliminate possibility of human error
 Provide much time to users to trade on the generated calls
 Execute complex strategies  

Is There Any Free-Trial Service? If Yes, How Can I...?

Yes, you can avail our 2 Days Free Trial by clicking on the Free-Trial Form.

What Are The Modes Of Payments?

We accept, CASH DEPOSITS, DEMAND DRAFT & ONLINE PAYMENT which can be directly deposited to our account.

How long will it take to see results in my account?

LT Algo Service focuses on trading the most active cycles and trends. As a result it may take up to one month for your account to start showing returns similar to the returns seen in our historical performance.

Why Do I Need LT Algo Service and what's In It for Me?

If your trading, investment or retirement account has not seen substantial growth during both up and down markets then LT Algo Service automated generate the highly accurate calls may be for you. We believe having financial stability can potentially provide many great things like security, lifestyle, free time, and retirement, which are all things we want and need.

Can I Make Money When The Market Goes Down?

Yes, remember, LT Algo software uses multiple trading strategies for each unique market condition regardless of whether the market is up, down or trending sideways.

What Is Your Guarantee?

We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After 12 months of using LT Algo Service, if your account has not produced a 20% or greater return on your money we will extend your subscription by six month free of charge to help you profit from our automatic call generating system.
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